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Standing Pebble Tile installation guide
author: Irene [ 2011-03-16 02:00:14 ]

The preparation requirements, (i.e., walls, floors, tools etc.) are the same as any tile install. The same rules apply when it comes to shower walls vs. kitchen backsplash. Cement board for larger areas vs. drywall is ok for installing tile on small areas. Before installing the standing pebble, it is very important to seal the stone first. It is recommended that a penetrating enhancing sealer be used for this part of the process and it is imperative that the sealer be completely dry before trying to install.

The adhesive used for the install should be a modified thin set (white or grey) for any large area installs vs. pre-mixed mastic is ok for small area installs. The trowel size tool to spread the adhesive must be a 1/2” tooth trowel. This is recommended for the best instant and strongest adhesion possible.

After installing the tile wait at least 20 min. for the clean up and final process. The first part of the clean up process should be with a medium to stiff nylon bristle brush to clean the excess thin set that pushed through the tile while installing. Finish off with the standard sponge clean up. Grout is not required for standing type pebble tile. The thin set that pushed through will have the effect of grout. However, if a color effect is desired, then it is recommended that you tint white thin set (request tint from tile supplier) to the desired color effect during the mixing process. Keep in mind that this is only a standard guide for installing standing pebble tile. Some situations and set up requirements may vary.

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