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The use of polished pebble
author: Richard [ 2010-12-31 02:01:08 ]

How to make home decoration is always an endless topic.Different people have different views and criteria. However, some design concepts have been recognized and accepted by the most of people, such as home to add a breath of nature, so living in the city were equally able to feel that "small bridge, flowing water," fresh beauty. In addition to placing green plants and other methods in the home, the tiny polished pebbles to create a natural environment is actually a very good material. And the smooth surface of the polished pebbles, hot weather, when people go in the above, there is a cool and comfortable touch. Cobblestone daily cleaning is also very simple, almost do not need to charge what the martial arts. To purchase, just to walk around Fangcun in the vicinity of Bird and Flower Market, or building materials to the city a large supermarket can be found in its presence. In home design, many people like to use pebbles in the garden and terrace will be gravel on the ground, and then assemble on the small pond, so that gurgling water in the smooth stones on the walk through. Xianxia Lai, the appreciation of fish swim in water, but also leisurely things. And intelligent designers who will pebbles this simple change in a more useful material for the home design bring more fun. 

Many people think that the only pebble on the floor, the designer has changed the thinking, not just in the bathroom on the ground was covered with polished pebbles of varying shades, even the walls are covered with. In order to match the color with the polished pebbles, basins choose a simple black and white. In addition to round up mirror placed next to a small bottle of dried flowers, no fancy decoration. This design allows a small bathroom decoration styles consistent with people inside, just like exposure to the outskirts, is full of casual comfortable atmosphere. Perhaps the designers of this design is very satisfactory and the use of transparent glass bathroom doors, so that guests enjoy every one of this interesting and bold design.
In another design, the polished pebble used in interior design. May have been inspired by scenic footpath health, designers in the living room and laid a healthy path. Cobblestone paved corridor, in the middle with a few pieces of wood as a match, one for beauty, and second, if the elderly do not have to worry about walking in the above slipping. By the middle of the living room before the transition to a wooden floor. Come from above, as if walking in the forest, walk through the creek covered with pebbles has been reached the other side. Read the above two are mind design, clever of you, whether they are inspired by the use of pebbles come up with more and better home design to beautify it?
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