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How to distingish real polished pebble
author: Richard [ 2010-12-31 01:56:41 ]

Pebbles digged from ground has been limited, coupled with nearly a decade of frenzied exploitation of non-protective makes the resource is so fewer now.But people still like using this material to decorate apartment,garden etc...These years,our factory found some supplier are using a fake pebble to be supplied to customers.

Now talk about what is really stone characteristics: 
A color like: is a natural fossil stone, like amber, a stone which could see a lot of natural shapes and colors, and now more visibility stripe shape, color to yellow red, green and white majority. If you can have the shape of the landscape or figures in the stone inside, then it would be a priceless, precious,extremely valuable, it is difficult to find.
Two shapes: a stone we all have seen the shape of the stone can not have rules, stone generally irregular oval-based, thickness varies In a word, the natural necessarily a non-rules. 
3 Hardness: The stone mainly composed of silicon dioxide, so a very high hardness of stone Well, eggs can not be sure touch.
4 Weight: stone is definitely heavier, and holding in your hand will be able to weigh up the general feeling of weigh out. 
Fake stone features: 
1 to sham artificial glass and resin system: something easy to broken glass, the shape comparison rules (such as spherical), also more rules of design, there is no trace of a natural. Resin system will better distinguish between fake, and the general market sales of such fake stone are round and transparent sheets, which some pattern, texture soft. Packaging is a plastic bag. 
2 to act as a pebble stone: This type of counterfeiting on the market are uncommon because most of the characteristics of pebbles with a stone, to distinguish such a difference is mainly to see color-like, cobblestone which no shape, usually a dull red, or Dark Mission, it does not have a pebble ornamental value, it can only be used as a stone, such as the laying of park trails, and now most of the region can be seen. 
Pebble is a beautiful and hope more and more friends like pebble, hoping through my introduction to a true and false recognition. 
In addition, the stone is now generally marketed gift boxes, which are mostly inside the stone polished after grinding, polished pebble has no rule because of the shape, need to be able to have a more polished, after a suitable shape to meet the people's aesthetic and easy to install box. Polished pebble surfaces to become smooth and shiny, and do not need to be placed in the water to save. 
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