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What is Engraved stones
author: Tony Lau [ 2010-12-13 23:40:23 ]

Stone is the one of most meaningful thing in the world.It could be preserved for a century.If peoples engrave their names on the stones,it stands for a forever memory.

Engraved stone is different from Carved stone.Carved stones change the feature of the stone to be what the peoples want.Engraved stones still keep the natual shape.If you find a good shape of stones to be engraved,it shows your efforts and how lucky you are.

How to find the material is the most imporant topic we are discussing.Using the fittable material will make the stones more beatiful.See,what we found,a flat,natural pebbles.Pebble stone is kind of landscape stone,widely used into landscaping projects.It is different from chippings,it is more round and strong.It is not difficult to crush chippings.But for pebbles,i donnt think you could do any damages on it.

Someone call pebbles as river stones.but it is not born from river.Peoples have to dig it from hills.With dust,it comes out ugly and not clean.Always has mud on its body.Now,it cannt be made as something beatiful.Manufacture stones has many methods,cut,break to change their shape.If we keep its shape,we have to find a new method.Decorative stone needs beatiful looking.Polishing is a way to luster pebbles.Waxing material aslo be joined in this process.

In this article,i donnt want to write something on the use of polished pebble.Here,i explain the process of engraved stones.Now we have the material,so we have to design prior the next step.Rock your brain,telling what do you want to engrave on the pebbles,it could be words,a drawing,your company logo,everything you have thought.Imput the data into the computer,correct the right posion on the machine,we are starting engraving.But it hasnt finished.Pick out someone failed,you will find the one you thought.Then we are going to the next progress,dying the color on the engraved part.Then we have to dry it.

After this,you got the engraved stone

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