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Babai Bridge,Luhe District, NanJing,China
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Welcome to Nanjing Diystone Factory
Polished pebble is becoming one of more and more popular product in the world. Diystone factory is a leading manufacturer of polished pebble products, which has founded over 10 years,covered 3000 square meters warehouse to storage material. We takes the faith of "Quality First,Service First" to assist our customer.
Here,we are granted pebble material from mountain,huge production ability,NanJing Seaport to provide advantaged products. Polished pebbles,jade stone,super polished pebble,agate pebble,dyed stone. Standing on these material,Our factory has manufactured a series of pebble products. These engraved stone,mosaic pebble tile,pebble mat,micro pebble tile,sliced pebbles tile,standing pebble tile, glass pebbles have been honored by worldwide customers.
Crushed glass,glass rock,glass sand had been a new series of glass products,we are supplying to our regular customers.A partner manufacturer is working with us to supply these landscaping material to fullfill global buyers' request.
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